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Annual Membership

To encourage continued growth mentally, spiritually, professionally, and socially for this generation and the next Insh-Allah.

membership incentives include
  • Exclusive NFC chip, programmable membership cards.
  • Immediate integration to a collective North American group portal.
  • Global networking amongst quality vetted like-minded Muslim professional car enthusiasts.
  • Classifieds section:
    Members advertise their car-related possessions.
  • Access to exclusive C&C merchandise.
  • More information about ourselves and activities at
  • Global calendar of events including, and not limited to, California, NY state, Texas, Canada, Western Europe, and Morocco.
  • Accessible professional member directory.
  • European car-themed travel discounts.
  • Automotive-affiliated discounts.
  • Gym membership privileges.
  • More incentives as we continue to grow.
  • Continuation of your local chapter meet-ups, rallies, charity, and WhatsApp chat.
  • * Spouses now included

Annual membership
195 USD